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Multi-Faith Group for Healthcare Chaplaincy

.....advancing multi-faith healthcare chaplaincy.

Education Committee Minutes


17th April 2007

HM Shafique Rahman (in the chair)
Revd Debbie Hodge
Gen Tubchen Kelsang
Mr Jayman Mehta
Mr Manhar Mehta Prasada
HM Shafique Rahma

EC 1/07 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Ervad Rustam Bhedwar, Revd Alan Brown, Professor D Huw Jones, Hon Barney Leith, Revd Chris Levison, Revd Glenn Martin , Mr. Nizam Mohammad, Mr Umesh Sharma, Revd Peter-Michael Scott, Revd Max Shepherd, Mrs Deborah Wheeler and Revd Derek Johnston.

EC 2/07 Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 12 th December 2006 were agreed.

EC 3/07 Introductory training courses (ref min 13/06)

The Committee received a further version of the draft introductory scene based on comments made at the last meeting and derived from work which faith communities had undertaken. This was agreed.

It was agreed to publicise this work generally and to top it with a short explanation of its origins and to tail it with a list of sources.

[Action TB ]

EC 4/07 Educational Pathway

The Committee noted the content of the course for aspiring Muslim chaplains which they considered most useful. This was thought to be the first course organised by the MCB and the Committee hoped that further courses would also be shared with them.

The Committee also noted the content of the spreadsheet setting out the progression of competences through the various stages of education and development. It was agreed that links to the NHS KSF were important for future professional development.

EC 5/07 Educational curriculum

The Committee noted that NHS Yorkshire and the Humber was meeting with St Michael's College, University of Cardiff and with representatives of the MFGHC Education Committee on 27 April to discuss how best to develop the draft statement of knowledge and skills in spiritual healthcare into a curriculum statement. The Committee would be represented by the Co-Chairs.

EC 6/07 Educational Resources

The Committee noted the availability of the Sikh and Jain chaplaincy leaflets and the Zoroastrian statement for OAP members.

EC 7/07 Date of next meeting

It was agreed to meet again on Tuesday 23rd October 2007 at Church House, Westminster.

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